And I wish you joy

Not necessarily deep saxo house, but another track with some saxophone for your listening pleasure – may it bring you joy. 23/29.





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Dancing in the desert

I try not to post about TTITD too often on here, but some songs are just so clearly meant to be blasted on giant speakers out in the desert that there is no reason to be subtle. 22/29.





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Looking at the bright lights

Took a little digging, but excited to discover this Parachute Youth song from a few years back. Simple and, without a doubt, the definition of bright and shiny. 21/29





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I’ll be waiting for you

Jamming out to St. Lucia remixes this afternoon – there is no shortage of bright and shiny ones to share. Maybe these can be your lighthouse? 20/29.






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Outlines of the heart

A fun track from Dragonette last year; more electronic than anything I remember from them, but definitely with a catchy beat and lyrics. 19/29.





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We play it again and again

It’s hard to listen to Eric Prydz and not think of the aerobics video for Call on Me, but hey, his new show is being called the ‘most impressive live show in the game.’  18/29





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Give me just a second and I’ll be all right

Totally missed my beat on this yesterday. Guess I have to double up today! Starting with a breakbeat take on an old favorite. 17/29.





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