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Rogue Pop from Doctor Rosen Rosen

“Dark-sided soundtrack fit for black eyeshadow and avant-garde poses” “Brings an epic end-of-the-world intensity to Spears’ yearning for eternal clubfloor ecstasy” “Takes the song’s drunk chanting and turns it into a choir of hellfire and damnation” Strong words for Doctor … Continue reading

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Up and Coming Ladies of Pop, Dubstep

Ladies are already dominating the pop charts, for sure, but there is also a whole new crop of starlets shining brightly in the distance. Here are a few to watch out for; also, expect to hear more of these vocals … Continue reading

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Natalia Kills

She’s opening for Robyn tomorrow night (yay!). Sheena Beaston loves her (obviously). The Gaga comparison is unavoidable (seriously). All in all, I am super excited to see Natalia Kills bring it (she will). Video for her single ‘Mirrors’ should be … Continue reading

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