Monthly Archives: February 2016

Trying to feel the love again

Well this has been quite the experiment! Not sure what March has in store, but now I (and perhaps you too?) have a whole new bright and shiny playlist from February. 29/29.   Bonus:  

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Work work work work work work

Sometimes its fun to sift through remixes of popular songs to see what others can do with them. Not necessarily better than the original, but this can also yield shiny results. 28/29.   Bonus:  

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Tell me what you want to know

This one is a bit on the long side, but the casual groove and vibe make it fly right by. 27/29.   Bonus:  

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Fortune favors the bold

How’s the week? Feeling tired here but oddly inspired. Change is opportunity. 26/29.   Bonus:    

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The love is where the light is

Home is where the heart is. I’d love a wee bit more bass on this track, but the lyrics and the whistling are so catchy that I will still happily bounce along. 25/29.   Bonus:  

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