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We Have Got the Power

Totally digging this remix from Datsik – listening on repeat and pumping my fist in the air.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

New DeadMau5 is usually worth a listen, and this one is pretty darn bright and shiny. Twinklier than I expected, but still hits a few heavy notes. Free download to boot! Bonus:

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What You Want

High expectations for any new Boys Noize, but boy oh boy! This is good! Bump it!

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Hanging On

Ethereal Ellie Goulding, remixed to perfection. That voice! I can’t decide on a favorite! Download here Download here  

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Adventure Ahead

It’s officially summer time – wishing you some fun, exciting adventures ahead. Perhaps some dance music will help? Grab July’s playlist here and here, and get those feet moving. There’s a whole world to see out there!

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