Rogue Pop from Doctor Rosen Rosen

Dark-sided soundtrack fit for black eyeshadow and avant-garde poses

Brings an epic end-of-the-world intensity to Spears’ yearning for eternal clubfloor ecstasy

Takes the song’s drunk chanting and turns it into a choir of hellfire and damnation

Strong words for Doctor Rosen Rosen‘s mix of Britney‘s ‘Till the World Ends.’ Curious?

Britney Spears – Till The World Ends (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)

The good Doctor has worked his rogue magic on plenty of other pop songs as well, all available on his site or Soundcloud. Here are a few my favorites.

Britney Spears – ‘Womanizer (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)’

Natalia Kills – ‘Mirrors (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)’

Tegan & Sara – ‘Alligator (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)’

Kanye West – ‘Love Lockdown (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)’

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