Mason – They Are Among Us

Dutch duo Mason released their first full album They Are Among Us this week, and its quite bright and shiny. You may remember ‘Exceeder‘ (or the Princess Superstar mix) from a few years ago. While nothing is as instantly catchy, this is house music that is simultaneously both fun and interesting – no small accomplishment. Check out a more thorough review here.

Mason – ‘You Are Not Alone (Zoo Brazil Remix)’ via Feral Party Kids

Mason – ‘Runaway (Kill Frenzy Remix)’ via Zaber Riders

Mason (Feat. Roisin Murphy) – ‘Boadicea (Oliver $ Remix)’ via Kick Kick Snare

Mason – ‘Exceeder (Felguk Remix)’ via The Music Ninja

Princess Superstar VS Mason – ‘Perfect Exceeder’ via Sheena Beaston

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