Hungry Like the Wolf

Wolves are uptrending right now, I guess. This post is because of the Slick Werk remix of ‘Wolf and I’ (so good!), but I am happy to post pretty much anything by Fever Ray, Hot Chip or Nicolas Jaar. Enjoy!

Oh Land – Wolf & I (Slick Werk Remix) via Kick Kick Snare

Fever Ray – ‘The Wolf’ via Sheena Beaston

Hot Chip – ‘She Wolf (Shakira Cover)’ via The Burning Ear

Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer (Wolf + Lamb 2010) by Clown and Sunset

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1 Response to Hungry Like the Wolf

  1. Slick Werk says:

    Thanks for the post, mate. Much appreciation!
    Here’s a little something to gnaw on:


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