OPIUO doesn’t make Glitch-Hop…

…but other people love to mash his funky, glitchy beats with hip hop flows. His tunes will more than get you moving on their own (check out a few here), but these mixes show a fresh versatility to his sound. OPIUO will be playing in S.F. on Friday as part of the Monsters of Bass tour, and I for one plan to be as close to those speakers as I can get.

Opiuo v J5 – Taco Influence by Snowy D

Get Low Opiuo (Rusty Meeks Mashup) by DJ Rusty Meeks

Opiuo vs. Pharoahe – Simon Says Petrichor (Midknight Remix) (Bounce 2) by CraigKC

Say What Again (Opiuo ft. Nas & RZA) by Aztec Muzik

Opiuo vs Public Enemy by Señor Cloud

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