Vandroid is Going to Blow Your Mind

Remember how badly you wanted a banging, futuristic/retro sci-fi french house album for Christmas, but instead you got a lackluster orchestral score from Tron? Yeah, that was a little sad. However, I think you might still get what you were dreaming of! Thanks to Harder Blogger Faster for making my day.

There is a deftly crafted back story for Vandroid, what appears to be a brilliant concept album masterminded by an unconfirmed DJ/Producer (Fred Falke?) around a synth-tastic soundtrack for a never released 1984 film about a plutonium-powered, AI-enhanced customized-van (the kind you would go vanning in) on a rampage trying to survive.

So the album itself is pending (listen to a few more clips here), but there are five sweet remixes of ‘Master and Slave’ from Yuksek, Van She, Fred Falke, Boy 8-Bit and Siriusmo that span the french electro house spectrum. Download all of ’em over at HBF and prepare to have your mind blown.

Vandroid – ‘Master And Slave (Van She remix)’

Vandroid – ‘Master And Slave (Boy 8-Bit remix)’

Vandroid – ‘Master And Slave (Yuksek remix)’

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