Azari & III

Toronto-based Azari & III (read: Azari and Third) are two producers with two vocalists who make, as aptly coined by Avenge the Virgins, ‘vogue house.’ The music may be difficult to describe, but there is no denying that the tunes are hot.

Azari & III – ‘Reckless with Your Love

Sunday Girl- ‘Self Control (Azari & III remix)

Azari & III – ‘Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)

Azari and III – ‘Shes An Illusion

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1 Response to Azari & III

  1. Molly says:

    I really appreciate the breadth of style these guys demonstrate. “Reckless” sounds kind of classic Swedish House Mafia style, “Into the Night” is Massive Attacky, “She’s an illusion” sounds like Daft Punk beats/synth sound with a nice dose of weird key changes and rhythmic layers. I dig it.

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