Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man, the trio of dubstep producers and DJs Skream, Benga and Artwork, released a self-titled debut album in October. The first single, ‘I Need Air‘ was solid – pretty, mellow, but light on the bass. I am seriously wondering why it was the first single though, because the rest of the album is sizzling HOT.

Magnetic Man – ‘Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix)

Magnetic Man – ‘Flying into Tokyo (Azedia Remix)

Magnetic Man – ‘Getting Nowhere (Feat. John Legend)

Magnetic Man – ‘Karma Crazy

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2 Responses to Magnetic Man

  1. Whitney says:

    Happy you dig this album. I love the vocals on “I Need Air,” but agree the dancey stuff is awesome. The “Perfect Stranger” remix you selected is HOT!

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