Skrillex Recommends Phonat

Skrillex told Dancing Astronaut he was currently jamming to Phonat’s EP ‘Cockroaches‘ so I wanted to see what the deal was. I am glad I did – it’s glitched out disco house that is simultaneously hard and soft. Also this video for ‘Love Hits the Fan‘ is almost too bright and shiny to handle.

Two songs from his latest:

Phonat – ‘Cockroaches

Phonat – ‘The Microwave FX

and a few earlier tracks:

Opptimo – Travellers (Phonat remix) by nathantayloronline

Phonat – Love Hits The Fan (DCUP Mix) by MofoHifi Records

Set Me Free by Phonat

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2 Responses to Skrillex Recommends Phonat

  1. sonia says:

    niice fiind

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