Rick Rolled by Aeroplane

New Aeroplane mix today! Boppy disco beats for everyone! and yes, you are seeing that correctly, it includes a remix of Rick Astley – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and it’s really good. Seriously. I am also totally looking forward to hearing more from Belgian DJ Mickey.

Aeroplane Triple JJJ Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

1. Kotey Extra Band – Scooter Show
2. Kola Kube – Why ( Joey Negro Block Party Mix )
3. Neighbour vs Spitmilk – Get With This
4. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up ( Drop Out Orchestra Dub )
5. Scenic – This Can’t Be ( Get A Room Remix )
6. Mobroder – Rush ( Nile Delta Remix )
7. Mickey – Farfalle
8. Maximilian Skiba – One To Pray To ( Beg To Differ Remix )
9. Art Department – Without You
10. Manuel Sahagun – Hit Me Again

Mickey-Farfalle by Mickey

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Drop Out Orchestra Dub) by Drop Out Orchestra

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