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Magnetic Man

Magnetic Man, the trio of dubstep producers and DJs Skream, Benga and Artwork, released a self-titled debut album in October. The first single, ‘I Need Air‘ was solid – pretty, mellow, but light on the bass. I am seriously wondering … Continue reading

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New Ellie Goulding

British Ellie Goulding is re-releasing her album from earlier this year, Lights, with 7 new tracks (updated name: Bright Lights) in the UK today (US next Tuesday). She crafts a meticulous blend of indie, folk, and pop that is fun, … Continue reading

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Well, Falke It

Toulouse-based Fred Falke churns out fun, boppy French house remixes of a variety of female vocalists we all know and love. He first caught my attention with Lykke Li, built on it with Dido, and now has captured it fully … Continue reading

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Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

So Sheena Beaston posted this song a little over a week ago, and I thought it would be some quick fun and I would move on. However re-mixed Tracy Morgan, via the 30 Rock soundtrack, and I are still going … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Dubtronica

A few tracks from and review of UK-based Phaeleh‘s beauty “Fallen Light’ courtesy of friend and DJ Touchy. Slightly unnecessary new genre name in the title is from The Guardian. ———- Bristol, UK classically trained musician come Dubstep producer Phaeleh … Continue reading

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Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison is New York based musician Chris Glover. The music is high-grade indie electropop that pretty much speaks for itself. I love all of these songs, but the Kylie remix is a real gem. Penguin Prison – Golden Train … Continue reading

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Nicki’s the Best

Nicki Minaj’s new album ‘Pink Friday‘ came out this week. Recent tracks with big names (Kanye, Rhianna, Eminem) were fine but not wow. A feud with Lil’ Kim sounded fun but overblown. When N.M. is solo, earnest and emotive, however, … Continue reading

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