I Just Came to Say Hello

So I wanted to post about Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette – ‘Hello’ earlier, but I couldn’t believe the song was really as good as I thought it was. After several dozen listens though, I like it even more than the first go around. Listen, and then become obsessed. Watch the music video (Martin claims inspiration from Bjorn Borg, but the video has a definite Wes Anderson vibe), and then become even more obsessed. Then, give in even further to the hard yet ethereal vocals of Dragonette’s lead singer Martina Sorbara, and your obsession will be complete. You’re welcome.

Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette – ‘Hello (Original Mix)

Dragonette – ‘Easy (Fabian Remix)

Kaskade feat. Martina Sorbara – ‘Fire In Your New Shoes’

Dragonette – Volcano by sheenabeaston

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2 Responses to I Just Came to Say Hello

  1. Whitney Phaneuf says:

    This song will make you shake your ass!

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