The Mobile Disco

UK electronic rock group Simian broke up in 2005, and I have to admit I am really glad they did. Two members, Jas Shaw and James Ford (Sawyer?!?!), went on to form Simian Mobile Disco, a more bass-loving, remix-prone act, and they have been gracing the world with some seriously luminous dance music ever since.

Their remix of the Klaxons – ‘Magick‘ morphed a mildly boppy alt rock track into a full on dancetastic banger. Who needs to understand lyrics anyway?

I love Peaches (aka Merrill Beth Nisker) and her music on its own, but try as I might I just can not get tired of S.M.D.’s take on her ‘Downtown.’

Finally, the lyrics are cringe worthy, but S.M.D.s own ‘Audacity of Huge‘ from last year’s album Temporary Pleasure is pure electro fun, wrapped up in a tight bow. Vocals from Yeasayer lead singer Chris Keating don’t hurt either.

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