Do you know Sheena Beaston?

If you are liking any of the music I am writing about, you should also know

I want to use words like ‘maven,’ ‘guru’ and even ‘prophet’ to describe blogger Hannah Rad, but she’s too, well, rad for any of those terms. Dance music to the max, and then somehow turned up a few more notches. Yes, please.

Here are just a few highlights that barely do the blog any justice at all.

New Shakira! Need I say more? Remix by the Freemasons.

This mix of Muse – ‘Muscle Museum‘ by Soulwax somehow feels like its lighter but hits even harder than the original.

Oh and she loves Robyn, a lot, which is quite possibly my litmus test for whether I think I will be friends with someone. Check out ‘Love Kills‘ from her second album this year (out of three).

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