Benny Benassi

As far as DJs go, Italian Benny Benassi is kind of a big deal. I am not sure that he can ever make something as perfect as ‘Satisfaction‘ again, but geez louise that track is still so good. And still getting played everywhere. It’s the song that always turns a dance party from ‘good’ to ‘mind-blowing.’ Oh and the music video is absolutely ridiculous (and NSFW) if you haven’t seen it.

He continues to put out some strong tracks of his own and some bright and shiny remixes of others’, and has an album ‘Spaceship’ due out later this year. Check out Pance Party’s take on the eponymous single from this summer, B.B.’s club ready mix of Agnes – ‘On and On,’ and this warbly version of ‘Love is Gonna Save Us‘ by Stephan Jacobs.

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