Mochipet, Rusko

Saw these two a couple of days ago, and I gotta say, it was a really strong show. Impressive all around.

I had only listened to Mochipet a little beforehand, but really enjoyed how they worked a small, listless crowd into a raging swarm of dancing fans. Here is their rework of 80’s classic Devo – ‘Whip It‘ and the more mellow, palindromically-named, original ‘Do Geese See God?’

Rusko killed, quite simply. He brought a wide variety of [pop-ish dubstep] material, all designed to make people move. Highlights included his take on Kid Sister – ‘Pro Nails‘ and summer jam ‘Hold on.’ He also slipped this rager in pretty hard and yet effortlessly, mid-set, and it sounded GOOD.

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